eCommerce Operations Temporarily Paused

To our Sergio Tacchini Family:

In the recent weeks and months, the reality of COVID-19 has quickly swept the world and we all are doing our best to assess the situation with a considered approach to protect our business and our company personnel.

As a global brand with amazing partners around the world, we must consider everyone. Our collective team has decided to pause our e-commerce operations in Europe as of midnight, Wednesday, March 18 until we feel confident everyone can work safely. Adjusted store hours and operations are being handled differently between countries and cities, so please check with your local businesses. We will not be processing any e-commerce orders after midnight in order to protect our employees and valued customers. There is no perfect way to weather this storm however, we are committed to ensuring safety comes first.

While our online operations may have ceased for the moment, our teams working from home are passionate about continuing to carry on the Sergio Tacchini journey. This is a time for reflection, for looking at things through a new lens and focusing on things that truly matter to us as a brand. We will get through this and when we do come back we will be stronger and more focused than ever.

Be sure to check us out on Instagram @sergiotacchini_official where we will continue to share the story of our beloved brand and all the heroes on and off the court who have helped get us here. If you have any stories to share yourself, tell them to us, share on your social or simply email us at We love to see it.

Stay healthy, stay strong and spread kindness in these times. We’re all in this together.

The Sergio Tacchini Team